Dump Mackay. Let him join the Ccrappies on his own.

Mackay should know better, and even if not, he should know that he hasn't been party leader long enough to have the capital it takes to persuade party members that this is something we should be doing.

I'm not an Orchard fan, but David Orchard has a valid reason to be upset. The promise made to him was not binding of course, but a promise is a promise and anyone with any decency and honour should get that concept. Mackay said several times during this spring's leadership campaign that a "Unite the right" movement was a no-go. Mackay was chosen party leader 4 months ago by those of us who give a damn about this party, not people who want to toss it into the trash. This will probably be the fastest "dump-the-leader" campaign in the history of Cana.. ..the World.