Toronto zoo's Tiger Cam...see the babies Yay!!!
Elizabeth is not a commie
It's my Birthday!!!

38 years old!!!

OK that's all.

I'm old. I'm a 37 year old man, with a few grey hairs on my chinny-chin chin (and a lot of blonde ones too). I wake up in the morning and say "Euchhh".

I hate parties, well I don't mind if it's just three or four close friends, in which case I'm happy as a happy thing.

I'll finish this later
After three years of writing my nonsense, meeting people online, and just experimenting, my blog has become a bit of a mess. A lot of the original template code has been changed, and my blog has been in terrible need of housekeeping for a very long time now.

So today I'm deleting a lot of links from folks I haven't heard from in quite a while, and adding some new ones. Still unsure about Chomsky, I like to read that.

And I need ideas. It's time for a redesign. I'm not going to go with a template, I'm thinking maybe more flare or colour.
The Moon is a slut.

What is gravity?

From Wikipedia online:
"While a great deal is now known about the properties of gravity, the ultimate cause of the gravitational force remains an open question and gravity remains an important topic of scientific research."

I'm sitting in my apartment, and for some reason all my stuff is stuck to the floor. My keyboard is lying on my lap, and my hair is not all waving around recklessly.
These are all consequences of gravity, just like the fact that all of the liquid water is lying in rivers and oceans rather than flying around in the air.
But the moon is not stuck to the Earth, it's far away, still it seems to want to stay near. Like children who have grown yet still wish to remain close to their parents and siblings, it's a force that is completely unexplainable to those who do not experience the particular pull that causes the attraction.
Robots for instance. Robots will never understand love. A robot will never feel any affection for it's owner, and would be just as happy serving one owner for 50 years as the next.

If a Robot, a Man, and the Moon all set off together on an interstellar voyage, the moon wouldn't get far before it was captured by the gravitational field of the first planet or star that it came across. The moon is a slut.
The human would continue to travel with the Robot, but would eventually get lonely and seek out sentient life forms. Whether she was green, had antennae, or whatever, the Man's need for female sentient companionship would increase until he got so lonely that he was willing to accept the tentacle blob from Planet Zargon as a mate. Then he would make a home with her and his journey would be over. Men need Women

The Robot-well does anybody really care what happens to the Robot?
I just found out that if you type my name (Micheal Wilson, spell it right) in Google and click the "I'm feeling lucky" button, you will get stuck looking at my blog.
To be honest, they just said "I'm feeling lucky". They didn't specify if that was going to be good luck or bad luck.

OK I'm just too sick tonight to say anything else.
All your Blog Are Belong to ME
OK shut up Mike. And you can all have your blogs back it was just a joke.
My ex girlfriend has a blog that she started on the day we broke up. I can't tell you where it is because you aren't old enough to visit that website.

It's pretty common practice to slag your exes, and in my opinion maybe I have reason to. But she's not a bad person, things just weren't right. Whatever.

Anyway, I've been reading it for a few months now, and as hard as it is for me to say this about someone who maybe isn't my favourite person in the world anymore, she's a pretty damn good writer, her poetry totally surprised me. You'll have to believe me since I am not going to put up a link.

Today I started a new position in my company. I will basically spend my days responding to e-mails. For the next 2 weeks I will be "training" and after that I'll be working hard to not get fired. Isn't that our prime consideration every day we go to work? We get up in the morning and rush to get to work on time, because if we are late to many times we get that dreaded "sit-down" with our boss. At work, we could sit on our butts and not do anything, but eventually we'd get fired. So we work as hard as we can to get advancement, or as mediocrely (is that a word?) as we have to to keep our job.

We can grease the wheels a bit with some well-placed ass-kissing, sexy or otherwise very nice clothing, some "networking", but in the end someone is still watching. It's like the Santa Claus thing turned into a nightmare. Maybe I've worked for too many big corporations. I should find a nice convenience store position. I'm smiling at the thought.

OK I don't have anything left to say. So I guess it looks like the end of this post.
Nobody reads this yet, and all of my old readers have bid me adieu I'm sure, though I wouldn't be surprised if Warren finds if amusing to watch me go from semi-serious commentator to wack-job.

Out of curiousity I just checked to see what kind of hits I am getting from search engines. The most popular search phrase seems to be every imaginable variation of the phrase "Ann Rohmer's breasts" (I don't remember THAT post), followed in poplularity by my own name. Well, since I still get the other Michael Wilson's (former finance minister famous for the GST) e-mail, it's no surprise that I'm getting hits on that term. Either that or else people really really love me.

But I can say pretty much anything I want right now.

I just this moment realized that there's an election going on tonight. By the way I didn't vote. Yes, didn't vote. I'm still a PCer (I still keep my Conservative party membership up in the hopes that Stephen Harper will die a painfuil death), and honestly none of the parties or local candidates available right now really interest me in the slightest, so why should I skew my voting intentions by putting my name beside a candidate I don't want to win?
Just turned on the TV, currently 111 Conservative, 96 Lib, 25 NDP. I predict a coalition.....Oh wait I'm always wrong.

OK I was going to post about guys and how they sometimes tend to not be clear about their intentions towards girls, and oops I think I got sidetracked. Maybe tomorrow.

Time to change channels back to the Family Guy. Oh good, it's the episode where Peter meets Death's mom.
You add your sugar, you add your milk, then stir 12 times.

Then you pick up your mug, and start to walk to your computer with it, when suddenly "CH!"

A few drops spill out onto the floor, and you know it's coming, you can feel it welling up inside your nose. That tickly sensation that starts lightly, then grows rapidly into...oh damn you need to find any surface to put your mug down on right now...can you make it to your desk before...?

You start to walk quickly but not so fast that drops of coffee spill onto the floor. But as it wells up and you know it's going to explode into a full-fledged sneeze you start to throw caution to the wind and start to r..ACHOO!!! spills onto the floor and you are paralyzed between sneezes.. ACHOO!!...more drops.. the desk is 10 steps away, you start to move...ACHOO!! you are spreading drops of coffee across the floor, and when you set the mug down on the desk it leaves a coffee ring.

You look at the floor, all that coffee, and say "fuck it" and sit down at your computer. Every day for the next week you look at the coffee hardened on the floor but you learn to tolerate it until company comes and just hope they don't notice.
Is this not still the most boring website on the planet? I know that none of then folks who used to read this blog come here anymore, because I didn't write to it for over a year, and God knows why anyone would want to come look at it now that I've basically turned it into whatever it's going to become.

And this is the most boring post of all.
OK I just looked at my last post and realized I forgot to finish my main point. I've decided to keep calling it "semi-lucid political thoughts", because it kindof has a sexy funky feel to it, and it might fool people into thinking I am much deeper than I really am.

And if you don't agree then YOU CAN GO TO my comments section. OR HELL!!!.
OK, blog name. I was wondering if I should change the name of my blog to something from Leonard Cohen, or just call it "Crap Crap Crap" (which it should have been called all along).

But It has already gone through a few name changes before it finally got here, it was originally "PC Leadership Thoughts" or something equally lame, then for about 5 minutes it was called something else which I can't for the life of me remember.

By the way, y'all are so damn lucky that I've only been writing sporadically lately. I've been through some interesting times, and as Plato or Shakespeare or someone once said "may you never" ... wait that's not right..."May you live through boring times"... no I think it was "may you never live through interesting times"... I don't know, it was something like that. Anyway, I had a point here, but it has fallen out of my head.

So anyway, I know there is an election going on, but my knowledge of this one has come from newspaper headlines. I haven't even opened a newspaper in God knows how long, and I used to read 2 or 3 a day. In the back of my mind, I still don't want Harper to win, but I don't want any of the others to win either. I sure miss Joe Clark.

I'm really more interested in sex nowadays than politics. 6 billion people can't be wrong.
Whooooooooooooo are you?

Who who

Who who?

All right, Toronto, it is time for this town to get down! You've got Mikey - Doctor Mikey Fever, and I am burnin' up in here - Whoah! We all in critical condition, babies, but you can tell me where it hurts, cuz I got the healing prescription here from the big medicine cabinet. Now I am talking about your 50 000 watts intensive care unit, babies! So just sit right back now, relax! Open your mind real wide and say, "Give it to me straight, Doctor, I can take it!" Oh, I almost forgot, fellow babies... BOOGER!!

If the message wasn't clear, this is no longer a political blog. There will be swearing. There will be sex.

I have a puffy on my chinny-chin-chin

This is me. I don't know how this picture actually got here, I was fucking around with something and voila! Hell, I don't even know how the work "voila" got hyperlinked in the last line. Blogger sure has changed since I was a kid, with my little political blog.
I've had several people bugging me about where my blog is, why I haven't said a peep about this election.


There, maybe too disingenuous, but it's more than I care to write about this one.

Sorry guys, if we have an election again in the future that is about more than rearranging seats, I'll be back.

I haven't even been watching the news for the last few months. If I didn't have to pass several news stands every day, I'd be able to forget it was even happening. The last I saw was yesterday's Globe headline about how Harper fashioned his lead. OK, so I assume the Conservatives are in the lead. Since I don't know when this election will be held, and haven't paid attention to polling trends, all I can do is shrug my shoulders and say "neat".

Those who've known my blog in years past know I'm a former Tory (Progressive Conservative), who is unable to support any party led by Harper. Harper is barely a step away from Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc, in his disdain for this country. And since the Liberals have quite obviously broken our trust with their Quebec sponsorship shenanigans, well, I might just put my X beside the Green candidate's name this time.

OK so that was waaay more than I'd planned to write. Good luck to all of the candidates. Except Harper and Martin. Crappy lousy poopy luck to them.