I'd be fooling myself if I tried to make myself believe that my blog still gets read. After a long absense, punctuated by last years' fit of poetry and profanity, my blog has gone the way of Kevin Federline....never really made it big, and now hardly worth a shrug.

Still, I find it interesting that shortly after I started posting about Bourque's pro-Conservative headlines, I have begun to see a few other people mentioning it. Likely just coincidence, I know I am writing this for myself and whomever else is bored enough to find this corner of....cyberspace...is that term still used?

Today, the ChronicleHerald.ca published this article.

"The top four “ news" links on the site all slammed Dion, along with an unflattering photo. “ Is Dion Tanking?" screamed the top headline, linking to a story about a Leger Marketing poll that showed the Conservatives leading nationally but the Liberals making significant gains in Quebec.."

The ChronicleHerald concludes however, that Bourque may not have turned his website into a celebration of the Harper government, because Bourque also seems to be a fan of the Ontario Liberals judging by his headlines.

Well...um...the fact that we can tell Bourques political allegiances by his headlines is in itself an indication that his site is no longer just a news site. And I know that I personally am an example of a fan of one party provincially, which I detest federally. Political types can be fucked up that way sometimes.

More to come, I'm sure.
Bourque Bias Watch


This bias in the way headlines are routinely rewritten is so obvious it is boring. The Tories appreciate the work he is doing for them:

"Bourque is a must read around our shop. He's frequently got the scoop way ahead of everyone else." Devin Baines, PC Party Webmaster
bias 101:

Where is Bourque's take on the recent poll suggesting most Canadians think that the Conservatives' recent anti-Dion commercials were unfair? He has said nothing, which is typical whenever anything critical of Harper hits the headlines.

Bourque headline watch:

GRIT GAGGLE Greets Garth.
What is a Grit Gaggle? Why does Bourque choose to refer to the Liberal Caucus as a "Gaggle"?

Why does Bourque choose to tie Garth Turner into this drug bust, when the news story does not mention him at all? Why not mention any of the other Liberal/Conservative/NDP MPs in the area?
Am I the only person who has noticed that Bourque has become a Conservative shill? I have been considering reactivating this blog to discuss this, and also because it impresses my girlfriend that I write.

For those who read Bourque, pay attention to the verbs. Among many of Bourque's paid clients, according to his website, includes the Conservative Party of Canada. The result: Liberals "threaten", Conservatives "caution". I will discuss more of this in future posts.

For those who may have noticed that this was once a Conservative blog, please keep in mind that this was a Progressive Conservative blog, and that there is a distinct difference. While there are some former Progressive Conservatives in the new party, it is mainly an offshoot of the former Reform/Canadian Alliance/DRC party, and it's policies reflect that fact.

Bourque appears as a source for news items, one which I and many other Canadians visit daily at least once. However the appearance of having the impartiality of a news source is not only deceptive, it is also devious and shifty. Is Bourque a rabid Harper goon or is he just being paid to tarnish the image of Stephane Dion, the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada? This blog will begin to examine the Bourque newswatch website critically in search of the answer to that question.

P.S. Please ignore my silly posts from 2006.