First off, I am not going to cover the leadership race.
I have become disenchanted with the direction my party has taken under the stewardship of it's new leader, Peter Mackay. There is an old Tory tradition after each leadership race where party enthusiasts (I'm referring to the more active supporters) end up holding their noses and welcoming the new leader.

Traditions are fine, and I have always been one for trying to stick with them. But I think that an exception needs to be made in the case of Peter Mackay. After all, in the past you knew that the leader was going to do what is best for the party, whether that leader was your first choice or your fourth.

But in Mackay's case, the only thing he has done so far is destroy the party. The CA has won. Not that long ago, we had at least a bit of momentum, we had won a by-election and attracted a CA MP to join our caucus. Now the party is in ruins. A third of the caucus has left, one to join the Libs, and at least 3 to sit as independents. There are no numbers yet to give an idea of how many party members plan to join the Alliance under it's latest incarnation, but certainly it will be enough to hobble any attempt to recreate the party.

Should Joe choose to start another Tory party, I don't expect much success, but count me in.