Dr. Clifford Albert has bowed out of the race for leadership of the PC party, and joined the Bachand Campaign. Bachand has only been in the race for 4 days now, and he's beginning to attract a lot of support. Of course, he is the only Quebec-based candidate, and the Parti Quebecois is talking about calling a snap election. That may draw members of his campaign team away to involve themselves with provincial politics for a month or two.

And a Liberal MP called the Yanks "bastards" yesterday. Not that I disagree entirely, but it wasn't the best judgement on her part. Of course the Alliance is all over her, but the Alliance is always looking for new reasons to be mad.

Whether it was in response to Carolyn Parrish's "bastard" comment or not, GW Bush has decided to prove that he is in fact a bastard, by announcing that disarming isn't enough anymore for Iraq to avoid being annihilated. Saddam Hussein also has to quit. Of course Bush uses the sanitary term "regime change". What a bastard.
Webpoll. Please vote for Andre Bachand here.

Also, here are the links to all of the candidates' websites:

Andre Bachand
Peter Mackay
Scott Brison
Jim Prentice
Heward Grafftey
David Orchard
Clifford Albert
Craig Chandler
Warren Kinsella is Satan. That's not a personal judgement, it's just something my girlfriend told me. Although I had thought that she was in fact the beelxebubber herself, turns out she is merely a minion.

Kinsella and I share a common background. We were both once punk rockers, and we've both been in punk bands, although mine was never as sucessful as his. But then he's Satan, he has musical powers.

Warren has been using his evil powers to keep the Liberal party in power since 1993. Those of you who voted Liberal, were in fact under his evil spell. But it seems that his evil powers are failing him. On Feb 25 he wrote on his website "It was so tiny, I almost missed it..." In fact, what Warren had just caught on to was the fact that an election is about to be called by Premier Ernie Eves. I'm not really in the loop (any loop) anymore, but I already knew THAT. Look at this website , and scroll down to the green box. There's practically an announcement of a spring election there.

Anyway, Warren is fun to pick on, simply because nobody else does. I'm sure he's a great guy.
Andre Bachand's campaign website is up.

Here he is:

Day 1: This Blog will deal mainly with Canadian politics, and will focus on the Progressive Conservative party of Canada.

I've decided, after examining the different candidates, to support Andre Bachand for leader of
the PC Party.

I'll be honest, Mr. Bachand isn't one of the Tory MPs that I know well. But when he spoke on Monday to kick off his campaign, I knew that this man is a leader. The other contenders are very good as well, but there was something I saw in Mr. Bachand during his speech, something I haven't seen in this party for 9 years. A desire to accept and deal with the lack of enthusiasm in our party, and to reach out to Tories who are currently members of other parties for whatever reason. A desire to lead(no offense intended to Mr. Clark who I respect very much). A desire to sit in the Prime Minister's chair.