For those who have read my lousy blog in the past, you're aware that I am a passionate supporter of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.

I could rhyme off stories for hours, days, of my past in the party, of sitting up in a hospital lounge after an accident when I was 16 years old, and watching with joy the election results in 1984 that swept Mulroney to power, or of my days years later working in a Tory Cabinet minister's office on "the Hill".

Blah blah blah blah blah, and everyone has read the newspapers, so I don't need to say that the PC party is closing it's doors. Which means that currently I'm a conservative without a party. My choices now are to:

a) become a Liberal.
b) become a member of the newest incarnation of the Reform Party.
c) remain a conservative without a party.

I think that for the moment I am going to choose option c, for now.

That bloody Peter Mackay, I actually schemed with his boys against the Orchard kiddies during my 5 minutes back in political involvement earlier this spring. I wish I'd known better.

Anyway, I remain a conservative without a party.