I'm waiting for the girl to get ready, so I probably have 3 or 4 hours to write here. What has happened vsince the election. Hmm...
Stephen Harper's Conservatives have basically joined the Liberal caucus, voting alongside the government on virtually everything in the past 9 months. The most interesting moment in the Conservative Party's last 9 months was when Peter Mackay got pissy about some new proposed Delegate Selection rules. Then Stephen Harper reportedly had a tantrum and kicked a chair. Oh the Drama.
The NDP have disappeared from the landscape, although I heard Jack Layton had his feet amputated and can't stand up in the House.
The Bloc have been in the news occasionally, though I can't remember why. I think they still support separatism?
And the Liberals, oh those wacky Liberals, what have they been up to? If you read the National Post, you would conclude that the Liberals have done absolutely nothing during this minority mandate. Paul Martin is boring as hell, in my opinion, but sometimes that can be a good thing. Sometimes. Paul Martin is either for or against the US Missile defence thingy, I am too confused to know what his stand is.

Essentially it seems like the Tories and the Liberals are working together right now to govern and the NDP and Bloc are watching from the sidelines. More later.
I'm getting ready to go to work. It's Saturday. And I have a gorgeous woman sitting here wishing I could stay home today. Life is either good, or else the world is coming to an end.