Here's a challenge to the MPs who want to call an election right now, less than a year after the previous one. Why not save the country some money. You should resign your seats, we can have by-elections in your ridings, and be done with it.

Personally I would like to see the Gomery Inquiry publish it's completed report, likely due in the fall, before parties begin using it as a political tool to fight an election with. Calling an election during the hearings would most likely derail the inquiry and force us to wait even longer before we hear what happened. If Stephen Harper's Tories are confident that the government acted scandalously, then there is nothing to lose by waiting 6 months.

Of course the recent Tory surge in the polls may have subsided by then, But surely Harper would agree that the completion of the inquiry is more important than appearing to set his party's focus based solely on polling data.

If an election will be called based on the inquiry, it would be better to wait until the inquiry releases it's report.