I'd be fooling myself if I tried to make myself believe that my blog still gets read. After a long absense, punctuated by last years' fit of poetry and profanity, my blog has gone the way of Kevin Federline....never really made it big, and now hardly worth a shrug.

Still, I find it interesting that shortly after I started posting about Bourque's pro-Conservative headlines, I have begun to see a few other people mentioning it. Likely just coincidence, I know I am writing this for myself and whomever else is bored enough to find this corner of....cyberspace...is that term still used?

Today, the ChronicleHerald.ca published this article.

"The top four “ news" links on the site all slammed Dion, along with an unflattering photo. “ Is Dion Tanking?" screamed the top headline, linking to a story about a Leger Marketing poll that showed the Conservatives leading nationally but the Liberals making significant gains in Quebec.."

The ChronicleHerald concludes however, that Bourque may not have turned his website into a celebration of the Harper government, because Bourque also seems to be a fan of the Ontario Liberals judging by his headlines.

Well...um...the fact that we can tell Bourques political allegiances by his headlines is in itself an indication that his site is no longer just a news site. And I know that I personally am an example of a fan of one party provincially, which I detest federally. Political types can be fucked up that way sometimes.

More to come, I'm sure.