BBQ Season

The concept that politicians can get away with pretty much whatever they want during the summer (in Canada at least) crossed my mind on Saturday, while I was at a big old barbecue north of Coboconk (Coby to the residents) on Saturday.

It was the 4th Saturday in a row I've been to one BBQ or another, playing sports and basically having a wonderful summer weekend. During the winter we are all stuck inside, so there isn't always a nice release from thinking of problems of work and the world. There are winter sports and stuff to do during those months, but most of our time is spent in one warm building or another, or travelling between, and as we get older, we see less of the outdoors during the winter months.

So what is Paul Martin up to? I've heard rumours about him going to the territories, but I don't particularly care. Harper and Layton? No clue what they are up to. Don't care.

I've watched the 11 o'clock news maybe 3 or 4 times since the election. Caught the bit last week about Bush accidentally stating that he's looking for ways to harm his country. Not a serious blunder, but funny nevertheless.

It's Monday, noon, and I'm looking forward to the weekend, making plans. Somebody e-mail me if anything happens in the news.