Tomorrow is September 1st, a thought that make me sigh .

Already I can feel a bit of chill in the air, at the end of what was a very rainy summer here in Toronto. For the first time in many years, lawns are still green in August, not the burnt-out brown that usually comes from our normal lack of summertime rainfall and scorching heat.

Soon the parliamentarians will be back on stage, playing out their roles in this never-ending tragicomedy, narrated by Lloyd Robertson and Peter Mansbridge. This installment promises to be more interesting, as more of the elected folks will be having a say in how much we pay for cigarettes, and those who don't will be yelling louder than before their extended began. Because this play, cast in June, will be recast again in a fairly short time, and our political actors want to assure themselves of a spot in the limelight and in the minds of their audience.

This blog will be back in full production soon as well (to the relief of nobody) once the earth tilts a littler further.