Harper buys a United Right

Political discussion, even when angry and bitter, can still be done with a degree of civility. My onetime arch-badguy, Terry Pearson, and I, found civility, after an extended period of non-civility (is that even a proper phrase) a few years ago, and we've been boring each other to death ever since (kidding). I deserve an award for my run-on sentences.

Anyway, I still like to poke fun at him from time to time, though he's not a bad guy. Today Terry (a former Reformer and CAer, ew) made a funny typo on his blog, and I can't help myself.

Referring to Stephen Harper, Terry says:

"Folks, this guy works very hard. He deserves a rest. He bought the right under one roof"

Hahahaha, do I smell a scandal a-brewing? Could this explain why I was not contacted to vote in my PC Party's referendum on whether to merge with the Canadian Alliance party, forming the new coalition of evil, known as the Conservative Party?

Once again, I go waaaay too far. Typos are typos.