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Canada currently does not have a sitting government.  I have always found it a bit odd that we pay these federal politicians over $140,000 per year, yet they take a month off for Christmas and 3 months off for summer holidays.  Of course it's not all sitting at the pool drinking Mai-tais during their summer break, our elected representatives are getting out and making appearances at county fairs, dropping into their riding office for a photo op, and drinking Mai-tais.  Representing us.  

Interestingly, each MP currently receives more than twice the base salary as an MP would have earned in 2000.  So were our MPs grossly underpaid ten years ago, or are they overpaid today?  That's not the subject of this post, that's not why I decided to start writing.  

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has decided that instead of just one month of holidays this year, he would like to take two and a half months.  How nice if we could all take two months off at a whim.  As political pundit Rick Mercer says:

"Snow days happen to children. If you are an adult, it doesn't matter how much snow falls – you still have to get to work and you still have to shovel the walk. Snow days don't apply to adults unless you happen to be the Prime Minister of Canada, who with one phone call has the ability to give every member of Parliament two months off."

If you have read this blog in the past you know I once considered myself a Conservative federally.  I long to call myself a Conservative again, but since my party was effectively taken over by the  old Reform Party (Canadian Alliance), its values have gone downhill under leader Stephen Harper.  I have a hard time believing that even Reform Party founder Preston Manning isn't phoning his former pupil each morning and demanding to know why our country does not have a sitting parliament.

If we are stupid enough to allow this nonsense to continue then this is the representation we deserve.  Or we can each begin to take a part in the process.  If you want to find out what your member is doing during his extended vacation this winter, call his or her riding office and ask for information.  You can find information on your riding, your MP, and contact information for the riding office by clicking here.

"Even Afghanistan, where Canadians are dying, has a parliament that's open for business." Rick Mercer