I rushed home last night to watch Conan O'Brien, he was so funny last week and I wanted to continue watching this train-wreck in progress.  He knows people are behind him right now, and jokes about the NBC late night situation drew huge applause.  Other jokes didn't.

I have always found him to be funny and quirky, but I am not sure that his current appeal will follow him if he moves to another show on another network.

Death in the Family

I have been lucky in that I haven't had to deal with as much sickness in death in my family as many of my friends.  I know that only puts off the years when I am attending more funerals than I would like, but it was still shocking when my 38 year old cousin Derek died last week after succumbing to brain cancer.  He was very well liked and popular.  His friends have started a group on Facebook named RIP Derek Iles, which has reached 370 members within just a few days.  Bye Derek, we're coming.  Just not too soon.