I have to give a speech tonight, it's a silly little speech at our Brampton Centre delegate selection meeting. But I think I'm putting together something fairly reasonable. As always I'm borrowing a line from one of my idols, and deceased member of my fraternity, William Jennings Bryan:
"Instead of meeting the issue boldly and submitting a clear and positive plan for dealing with the question of the aging Sea-Kings, the Liberals adopted a platform--the larger part of which was devoted to boasting and self-congratulation." (obviously I've changed a word or 2).

But most of it is mine. A lot of kitsch: "We need a leader who...blah blah blah", some stuff with tempo, etc. Actually instead of using normal tempo, I had considered trying to experiment with Eminem-style tempos, but I quickly found myself adding bad words to my lines, so I had to abandon that.

And there's even some really corny quasi-patriotic crap. Guess I've been watching CNN too much lately. Anyway, I still have to finish it up, and maybe tomorrow night I'll put it up here for your boredom.