Tory Underpants
(I swear to God I'm not making any of this up.)

Support the PC Party by wearing a pair of Torydraft thong underwear to the convention.

Andre Bachand: "I prefer the thong, I need less tissue to cover what I need to cover."
Jim Prentice: "You won't find me dead or alive in a thong"

Or, try the boxers in sizes Small to X Large.

Peter MacKay: "Definitely a boxer guy. It leaves for more room and comfort”
Scott Brison: "A fighter like me, naturally, I always wear boxers"

So far, no word on what kind of undies Orchard will be wearing. Thank God.

Take a look at the whole product line.
Here's a thought...How about Torydraft SARS masks?

I just love Bachand's response to this question. Someone who can come out with a line like that, is someone who can win debates for us.