Nazis on the internet

Last night during the Leafs game, we got talking about what Don Cherry's reaction would be on Coach's Corner if the league ever considered allowing robot players (we were also dancing to the organ music playing at the Air Canada Centre, thanks to our Labatts' 50).

So today, I got looking for Don Cherry quotes about European players, from the days not so long ago when he was completely opposed to having Europlayers in the league.

And I stumbled across this article/message board called Don Cherry hurts white Europeans. It's basically a forum for some guys who probably never get any sex, to spout off about how much they hate women and other races. Here's a quote from the first message: "And if he had the guts he would attack blacks, chinks or indians playing in the N.H.L. instead of the easy targeted white European players.".
I randomly scrolled down and found a message that contained this gem: "I feel a much greater sense of solidarity with my race than with my nation.".

Their mainpage is pretty nasty as well. The page title that appears at the top of my Browser window says "White Pride World Wide". Ironically, reading their website makes me feel less proud of being a member of the same race as these gentlemen.

I'm not going to provide any analysis of the site.