The Haircut

Saturday. Just got my hair cut. I’ll never do it by appointment again though. Do you have any idea how stupid I felt today when I kept having to say I had a “hair appointment”? Only girls have hair appointments. Guys just get theirs cut when they feel like it.

Anyway, I have the greatest hairstylist. She’s actually become a friend of mine, and we often have lunch together. She starts with a shoulder and head massage (which I still think is really weird, but it’s also really nice). Then for some reason, and maybe it’s just because we’re friends, she fusses and fusses and it takes her 45 minutes to cut my hair. Most places do a guy’s hair in 15 minutes. It looks wonderful though. It can be hard to find a really great haircut, and that's the reason I keep going back to her. And there is another girl there who keeps trying to give me “complimentary hand massages”. I mean, I don’t mind the idea of a hand massage, and free is good, but I have a weird thing about getting massages from women who are not my wife/girlfriend/mom. I just think it’s a bit dirty or something (dirty in a perverted way). So I keep refusing the free hand massage. Guys don’t get hand massages anyway, do they?

Jeez, all I want is a haircut. I forgot to mention they keep trying to feed me and give me coffee and stuff.

The only sad part is when I have to pay. They open my wallet and suck out money and – ok I’m just kidding, but it’s really expensive. But it’s a great haircut.