Happy 200th post!!!!

While I respect his decision to support his Conservative candidate's campaign financially, I have to express a bit of disappointment at Warren Kinsella's decision. After all, I keep my links categorized on the right side of my blog, and it's going to be a real hassle, almost 2 whole minutes out of my day, if I have to move the link to his website from the Liberal category to the Conservative one.

Thanks a lot Warren!!!

The odd thing is that Kinsella and I are on parallel but opposite tracks when it comes to which party we support right now. I am a Conservative Party member who plans to vote for my Liberal candidate (yes it's official- for now) until Stephen Harper is replaced as party leader, and Kinsella is a Liberal who doesn't support the current leadership of his party during this election.

I remember how the tv show Cheers feted it's 200th episode, by having the stars sit in a row and discuss their favouritest moments on the show.
I thought I'd do something similar, but since I'm the only star of this blog, well....

OK the only moment I am going to bring back is the first sentence I ever published:
"This Blog will deal mainly with Canadian politics, and will focus on the Progressive Conservative party of Canada."

Now that the subject of my blog no longer exists, I guess my writing is even pointlesser then ever.