I'm putting my foot down (some would say I'm stamping my feet). Nobody is allowed to phone me between 10:45 and 11:30 while the election campaign is on. Fortunately the hockey game is in OT which means I can still catch The National.

While writing this, Calgary scored the winning goal. I haven't watched a lot of Flames hockey, but I have to say that I am very impressed by their defence, based on tonight's game. No matter how intense the play in the opposing zone, Calgary seems to always have a man outside the zone, ready to pick up the puck if it is dumped towards their end. Toronto, like most NHL teams now, likes to move all their players into the opposing zone during a rush, emulating the tactics that made the Red Army teams so successful. However after 15 or so years of this being standard in the NHL, teams have worked out defense strategies to counter these tactics, so you don't have the team on offense standing in position in the 4 corners of the zone for instance, seemingly unchecked, and passing the puck back and forth waiting for scoring chances like the Red Army team was always able to do.

I'm an expert on everything.