I know that I titled this thing "PC Leadership Thoughts", and for a day or two I've been talking about other stuff. When you get your own web log, you can talk about what you want. So there.

I did something tonight that surprises me and certainly would surprise most people who know me, my mother most of all. I got together with some evil anti-globalisationists and we started our own Brampton peace group because we're all unhappy about the current war in Iraq. I should say here that I'm personally not against war in itself, when there is a valid reason. Anyway, I won't get into speechifying here, because I could fill pages and pages.
I can't remember the name we came up with for our little group tonight, but it was very nice and it had the word "Brampton" in it.

So it makes me very sad to hear that Joe Clark, my political idol, the man who I've respected since grade 3 when he became PC leader for the first time, is in favour of Canadian involvement in the war against Iraq.