Is this beginning to give you nightmares?
Do you feel like you have to keep looking over your shoulder any time you are reading Warren Kinsella's blog? Does it seem like no matter where you are in the room, the eye seems to be staring right at you, plumbing your soul? He knows what you did, and you can feel the accusation in his gaze.
No! Stop! Get out of my mind!!!

The scary version.

Well help is here. Modern technology and all that.

The non-scary version.

"Thanks to modern technology I can sleep at night. Thank you modern technology."
Lucy M Montgomery, PEI

"Duhh.. Where can I get a pair of those sunglasses?"
Mike Wilson, Etobicoke

"The new look not only looks great, but also helps save his eye from the effects of harmful UV rays."
Mr. Kinsella's optometrist