The year was 1992. The three main parties at the time, the PCs, the Liberals, and the NDP had all united in an attempt to gain support for the Charlottetown Accord.
Among other things, the accord would have provided for an elected and effective Senate, one of the main planks of Reform Party policy at the time. But while the three main parties were working to reform the country's institutions, two parties were working together against the reforms that Charlottetown would have brought about, two parties collectively known as the "NO" campaign. They were the Reform Party and the Bloc Quebecois.
Today the Reform Party is referred to as the Conservative Party, but it is led by exactly the same group which led it to a shameful victory in 1992. Stephen Harper, the current Conservative Party leader, was deputy Reform party leader and policy chief back then.

Sadly, today the Reform/Conservative party returned to it's old ally, making it official that Stephen Harper will seek to form a coalition of disgrace with the Bloc Quebecois in order to gain power in Ottawa.

Boooo! Shame!